We provide reliable IT solutions and services to keep your practice running smoothly.



Your practice needs a server that is functional, reliable and secure.

We can set-up new servers, migrate existing or integrate your current servers with a range of different apps and programmes.

We offer cloud-based, hybrid or traditional server solutions to suit your unique requirements.

We help you select the right server solution for your practice. Whether you need a new server, an upgrade, integration or migration of your existing servers. We can sort it.

Talk to us about a server solution that meets your business needs.


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Phone Systems

As a busy practice, you need a phone system that is reliable, cost-effective and helps you manage inbound and outbound calls with maximum efficiency.

We offer the latest in phone systems technology, including VoIP, SIP, DDIs or Toll Free Numbers. Whether you need cloud-based, on-site or a hybrid phone system, we can help you choose the best solution for your needs.

Key features:

  • Scalable up to 500 users and 120 simultaneous phone calls
  • On-going system updates for free, forever
  • Robust security protecting you against hackers and viruses
  • Significant call savings compared to traditional copper-based phone providers  

Talk to us about a phone system that meets your unique requirements.




Having a fast and reliable wireless network is no longer optional in today’s business climate.

We offer a range of ultra fast connection options, including fibre to keep your network running quickly at all times.

We can set-up network connections, monitor network health and address any issues before they impact your business.

We’ll help you choose the right network solution to suit your practice size and operational requirements.

Talk to us about a wireless solution for your practice.


Core Benefits

Dedicated 24/7 Support
Account Manager
Flexible Pricing Packages
Day-and-Night Systems Monitoring
Automated Patch Management
Remote Screen Support
Monthly System Health Reports

We can also help with...

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Online & Hardware Backup

Safeguard your information against hackers, data loss and server failure. We offer both hardware and online backups to suit your specific needs.

Talk to us about our ShadowProtect and ShadowStream solutions.

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Cyber Security

Ensure that your client data is protected and your operating systems are secure.

We offer the latest in firewall and antivirus solutions to protect your practice against ransomware, viruses and malware attacks.

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Email Protection

A rogue email can be enough to cripple productivity, cause costly damages and compromise your systems and data security.

Netcare SafeMail is a powerful virus detection & removal solution to filter and protect your email systems.


Physical Security

Protect your practice from unwanted intruders with the latest in CCTV camera technology.

We’re licensed security providers who can help you choose the right security solution for your premise, set-up camera systems and monitor system performance.




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